Service Contracts

Annual Service Contracts

We provide business customers with Service Contract options, but they are primarily for customers who require higher than usual service and maintenance.  We have two models for our Service Contracts, these being as follows:

Annual Contract: 

This annual contract is predetermined by the following rates:

  1. $30 per computer per month.
  2. $35 per server per month.
  3. Includes unlimited remote support sessions.
  4. Includes unlimited onsite visits.
  5. Service Contract Cloud Backups 500GB for $180

An Annual contract is a twelve month commitment and can be paid either annually, half yearly, or monthly.  An upfront annual payment doesn’t incur any administration fees, whereas a half yearly incurs a $50 fee, and monthly incurs a $10 fee.

Prepaid Administration Contract:

This annual contract is predominantly an administration fee and a pay as you go option, using the following rates:

  1. Administration fee of $15 per computer or server per month.
  2. Includes 10 remote support sessions per month, additional remote sessions incur a $30 fee.
  3. Half price onsite visits $75 (normally $150 per hour).
  4. Service Contract Cloud Backups 500GB for $180

An Administration contract requires an up front payment of the Administration fee, and all onsite visits are invoiced after each job as required.  There are no additional administration costs associated with this contract.