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Old Computer
If your computer is suffering from old age, is starting to slow down and just wont do what you want it to do, then give us a call because we can help you with a variety of options. We operate as computer consultant’s, preferring not to own a computer retail store, and as such can source computers from a variety of stores that will best suit your needs and budget. We can also look at alternative options such as upgrading internal components (Motherboard/CPU/Memory) to give your computer a new lease on life.
Infected Computer
The most frequent problem with computers is Virus and Malware Infections. From serious infections that can destroy your data, through to annoying popup windows, adverts in browsers, or programs that want you to register the program so you can enter your credit card details. The list goes on and on and on, and people repeatedly get caught by these infections. We not only remove them and repair their damage, but we educate our customers and provide tools to assist them with maintaining their own computer.
Power Failure
Computers often get power problems, usually originating from old equipment, power surges, faulty power board, storm damage or a number of other different causes. Most power issues can be resolve quickly, and can be performed on-site. We have been known to have to diagnose power shortages as a result of customers adding too much equipment of their power points, but overall we have the benefit of experience and can repair simple power issues relatively quickly.
Damaged Computers
We have all been there at some stage or another, hardware malfunction, computer dropped, monitor dropped, or any number of hardware problems. We can comfortably diagnose problems and either repair or recommend replacement options for our customers.
Data Recovery
We often lose data or accidentally delete things. We have the tools to perform most data recovery operations, undeleting files, lost partitions, scanning media for lost files. When it gets to the stage of pulling drives apart, we try and avoid that if we can because it is a very time consuming exercise to try and recover data directly from old platters, and if data is that important, then we can recommend companies who do recover data directly from platters, the only drawback is that it is expensive.
Repairing Operating Systems
We encounter many situations where Windows has been corrupted or infected to the point where it won’t work properly. Windows has many flaws, backdoors and areas where it can be compromised, and it is our job to identify those areas and repair Windows when it has failed. We rarely recommend wiping a computer, preferring instead to repair the problem so everything continues to operate as you want it to. Each case is different, and we will advise accordingly.

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