With over 25 years experience in IT, coupled with an ever increasing number of loyal and repeat customers, our figures have shown us that most residential and small business customers fall into the following categories:

  • Most will require either repair or maintenance assistance at least twice a year
  • Many of these problems can be resolved with remote assistance
  • The largest fault category is Virus or Malware related problems
  • On average people with a single computer can spend $300 or more a year getting their computer repaired
  • On average households with more than one computer can spend more than $500 year.

Many companies will have no hesitation in constantly booking in a technician visit and charging top dollar for field visits when in many cases it just requires a small amount of attention, or the problem can be resolved over the phone. We won’t do that, and this is one of our main points of difference. We have full remote support facilities, and we will gladly provide advice to simple problems over the phone. We also advise our customers that owning a computer is no different to owning a car in that regular servicing and maintenance can keep your computer healthy and your valuable data safe. With our professional remote support facilities, we can resolve many problems without having to send a technician into the field, thus reducing the costs to our customers. As we are situated in Townsville, yet still look after customers around Australia remotely, we created two packages, namely a Membership for Townsville residents, and a Rural Remote Membership for customers around Australia. Click on the following for more information on each package.


We have packaged over $650 worth of services into a base package of $250, and that is an incredible saving when you consider that it includes the following benefits:

  • 2 FREE Visits (On-site or Return-to-Base) (Total Value $200-$352)
  • 6 FREE Remote Support (Total Value $300)
  • All Members receive A 5% Discount Membership card from Digital Matrix Computers, which provides a discount off a good range of software & hardware
  • $15 per additional computer (For example, a household with 3 computers is $250+$15+$15=$280-Any Applicable Discounts)
  • Beyond 2 FREE Visits, if more visits are required then these are capped at $60 per additional visit
  • Pensioner, Defence Force and BNI Discounts apply ($20 Discount)

Rural Remote Memberships

Our Rural Remote Support package is becoming a growing favourite around Australia, and we have packaged $300 worth of services into a fantastically valued pack of just $100, and includes the following:

  • 6 FREE Remote Support (Total Value $300)
  • Service remains valid for 12 Months
  • Tremendous value at just $20 per remote session
  • Renewable at any stage
  • Pensioner, Defence Force and BNI Discounts apply ($20 Discount)


If you would like to order one of these memberships then please complete the below form and one of our staff will contact you at the earliest possible convenience

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