About Us

Office NQ Pty Ltd trades as A PC Medico, and the companies founder and Director, Glenn Stephenson, has been involved with computers since 1990. Presently situated at 259 Ross River Road in the Townsville suburb of Aitkenvale, Queensland, we service the entire Townsville region.  Our growing client base also sees us doing regular visits to the Ayr and Ingham districts, as well as servicing Mt Isa customers in Western Queensland, all the way over to Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.

With modern technology and Internet speeds rapidly increasing, Glenn had the vision to setup remote services that enable him to look after customers anywhere in the world.  Many of our customers travel the world for both business and pleasure, and we have received many a request to assist those customers throughout their travels.  As long as they have the Internet, we can remote into their computers and resolve most issues that are not hardware related.  From changing email settings to overseas settings, to resolving repairing computers after Ransomware attacks, we have the knowledge and technology to sort out most problems remotely.

Throughout the years, we have developed a passion for both our Pensioners and our Defence Force employees, as well as BNI members and students.

Pensioner Discount: We believe that this wonderful country has been created on the backs of our elderly, and his way of saying thank you is to give them a $20 Discount off most of our services.  As a result of this attitude, we have an ever growing client base who are Pensioners.  Not forgetting those who struggle on other Pensions, we also include everybody who holds a current Australian Pension Card into this discount.

Defence Force Discount: Our men and women in the Defence Force are also close to our hearts, and being a city with a large Defence Presence, over the years we have experienced some of our customers who have not made it back from active duty.  We have also received emails from those on deployment who have lost contact with loved ones because their computers are down, and we have rolled in and sorted those out quickly simply because it is stressful enough on deployment without having access to your loved ones.  With so many people prepared to put their life on the line so we can keep this wonderful country great, our way of saying thank you is to also give them a $20 Discount of most of our services.

BNI Discount: In 2011, Glenn was introduced to BNI North Queensland, which is a group business people who get together to network and refer business to each other.  There are seven groups in Townsville, with others in Mackay and Cairns, and our involvement in this organisation has been very beneficial to us over the years.  For this reason we also provide our fellow BNI members a $20 discount off most of our services.

Student Discount: We praise people who have taken the step to go without in their early years to pursue a greater purpose in life through additional studies.  University and TAFE can be a costly pursuit heading into adulthood, and their biggest asset is their computers.  We have had many students land on our doorstep frantic about lost assignments and computers that won’t work leading into assessment periods.  Cost is a major issue, so for that reason we also give holders of a Student Card a $20 Discount off most of our services.