• Computer Repairs

    Townsville Computers Repairs
    Solutions for both Residential & Business customers
    NO FIX - NO FEE Guarantee
    Pensioner & Defence Force Discounts

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    Rural Remote Repair Program

    We services customers around Australia with our Remote Repair Program. As long as you have the Internet, we can assist you

  • We are Affordable

    Owning a computer shouldn't cost you an arm or leg to maintain, so we work hard to ensure that our prices are low and competitive!

    We also provide our customers with programs that allow them the comfort of knowing support is only a phone call away!

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    Keep your computer regularly maintained and let us worry about the IT Headaches.

    Pensioner & Defence Force Discounts, 12 Month Memberships, Business Service Contracts

  • Websites

    Website Development
    Website Hosting
    Exchange / POP / IMAP Email Options

    We can provide all your website requirements

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    Affordable Websites

    Many companies charge thousands for basic website development, and if that has excluded you from having your own Internet presence then you need to give us a call

Townsville Computer Repairs

If your computer is sick or tired, then you need A PC Medico, the local Computer Doctors owned and operated by senior technicians who have over 25 Years experience in the computer field.

Townsville Computer Repair companies are like ants on an anthill, but good service and affordable pricing are not as common. We pride ourselves on our service and pricing, making sure that we are the one stop destination where computers love to come.

Business Solutions

With an ever-increasing portfolio of satisfied Business Customers, we pride ourselves on our service and affordability. Small to medium businesses just don't have the financial resources that some companies demand for their services, but our motto wills always be that we put service before cost to ensure that our customers remain operational

We provide a variety of packages that enable ongoing Business Support, so please feel free to check out our extra info or call us today

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Web Design & Hosting

We provide a variety of Web Design, Hosting and Email solutions for many small to medium businesses at affordable prices.

Most businesses only require a basic web presence that enables them to advertise their business online and obtain contacts. Others require commercial online stores to sell their stock and services online. We can supply all those needs, so don't hesitate to make contact with us so we can determine what your needs are, and whether we can supply those needs.